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Bemis Toilet Seats.

Bemis Toilet Seats

Bemis have been manufacturing toilet seats since 1932 and are the world's leading producer and distributor of toilet seats and operates in key markets around the globe. Today, you will find Bemis® products in homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools and probably even in your own bathroom.

A vast choice of colours includes soft cream, blue, pink, avocado, champagne, sky blue, pampas, as well as black and white. Many discontinued colours are still available to matching your existing bathroom.

Bemis coloured seats are made with moulded wood and thermoset (certified 100% recycled wood) and finished in a water based paint that reduces drastically VOC emissions in the environment. The strong surface guarantees long-lasting shine, warm feeling and ease of cleaning. Thermoset component makes Bemis toilet seat water resistant.

These coloured toilet seats are designed with strong plastic adjustable hinges so no corroding and easy to wipe clean, and will fit most standard pans and easy to fit, this toilet seat can be fitted in minutes with just a screwdriver. This toilet seat can also be fitted on toilet pans that only allow top fixing with their concealed fixing set.


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